Office partition system is also known as room divider is use to separate big space into many rooms and it is also for interior decoration in the office.  There are a number of different types of room dividers such as cubicle partitions, pipe and drape screens and walls. Room dividers can be made from many materials, including wood, fabric, plexiglass, framed cotton canvas, pleated fabric or mirrors.

Are you planning to make an extra room for your office?

Expanding existing office, and add more rooms for your office?

There are different office/ wall partition available.

For normal office partition, you can consider composite or plasterboard partition.  For presentable look, you can consider glass partition system.


Composite or plasterboard partition

The composite or plasterboard partition is used in reception areas, executive offices or conference rooms. The partition system is also ideal for wall-oriented work in rooms that are small in size.

office partition board

Office Partitio

1Stop renovation supplies modern composite office partition system that come in any size and textures.

Composite office partition system is a fully demountable,  relocateable partitioning system.  This office partition system is flexible, and generally used to form office rooms or office cubicles.  It is an cost effective office partition system that provide simple soundproofing features.


Plasterboard wall office partition is also a popular demand due to the cost effective features. Plasterboard wall partition is also a good fire resistant and soundproofing wall separator.  It is harder to relocate compared to other office partition system.


Glass Partition System

The glass office partition system will give your office a sleek and stylish look,  it will also provide a modern and contemporary interior design to the overall outlook of your office.  The glass partition system is also a great soundproof partition system.  It is also able to withstand any fire accident occur at your office premises.

You can create a good working environment for your working and living space with different types of glass partitions. It could be a frameless glass partition, or a aluminium framing glass partition system.

This type of partition is most suitable to use for:

1. Lobby area

2. Conference room


office partition

Full height frame-less glass partition

Full Height Frameless Glass Partition System

For presentable look of office partition system, you can consider full height tempered glass partition if you find the gypsum board partition isn’t appealing to you. Many of the modern offices in Selangor and Klang valley in Malaysia have full height glass panel and door to partition the interior office into various rooms for different business functions.




office partition - aluminium frame

Aluminium frame office partition system

Aluminium Framed Partition System

We also provide installation for aluminium frame office partition.  We can design aluminium frame partition for office walkway that has many finishing choices with different glazing for the frame.




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